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Call for Lead Trainers - 2024

Call for Lead Trainers - 2024

by Carlo Maria Delù -
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{mlang other} Become a Lead Trainer - Application Open June 5th {mlang}{mlang fr} Devenez principal formateur - Les candidatures ouvrent le 5 Juin {mlang}{mlang en} Become a Master Trainer - Applications on June 5 {mlang}

{mlang other}The new cohort of the Training of Lead Trainers is accepting applications!{mlang}{mlang fr}The new cohort of formateurs à la formation des responsibles accepte les candidatures!{mlang}{mlang es}The new cohort of Lead Trainer Training is accepting applications!{mlang}

{mlang other}LEARN MORE{mlang}{mlang fr}EN SAVOIR PLUS{mlang}{mlang es}KNOW MORE{mlang}